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Book 13: Breaking Point

♦ ♦ ♦ Raise your hand if you know what a game warden is? Raise your hand if you’ve ever met one. This book took me back to my days living on a ranch in Texas. Although this story takes place in Wyoming, I’ve met a game warden or two, and in fact, I feel like I’ve met most of the characters in the story. I enjoyed the “outside” elements of the tale, and of the attachment folks have to the land, family and the responsibility we have for our wildlife and natural resources. I loved how, though I’ve not been to Wyoming, I could see the whole thing; the beautiful mountains, the ranch, the horses and the river. I really grew attached to the characters and felt like the plot moved quickly enough with the right amount of detail. Really enjoyed this one! Pick it up and take a break to the wilds of a small Wyoming community, where you’ll find all the same quandaries of big city life: jealousy, injustice, murder, indifference, love, loyalty and mystery.