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1,000 Tweets and Tweeting

Twitter didn’t not sing to me in the beginning. My husband, a tech nerd-not-nerd was on Twitter and he’s a man of few words for the world; he’s more of a face to face type definitely not a broadcaster type. His family back in Ireland knows what he’s up to only because I never shut up, primarily on Facebook. I post where we are, what we’re doing and muse about ridiculous things. I’m guilty as a “broadcaster” type, but do it mostly for my own amusement and sanity. I know that if people don’t wanna hear it, they can un-follow me and I’m none the wiser, and definitely not insulted. My brain moves fast. There’s a lot going on up there. I LOVE interaction and fun is fun. I like to laugh. I like to make others laugh. I enjoy people’s wit and occasional wisdom even. But Twitter? Really? I didn’t get it.

Maybe it was the wimpy 140 characters that just didn’t appeal. I mean, what the hell can you say in so few letters? So, when I first started looking over the hub’s shoulder, or hearing what he thought was interesting from his feed, it got a bit more intriguing. Granted, we like a bunch of the same things like soccer, rugby, news, the outdoors, adventures, hiking, mountain biking.. okay you get the picture, so I was being slowly sucked in by his constant flow of interesting news. So, I tried it a few times. Hashtags? What? Why?

Well, and here I am 1001 tweets later. I’m hooked. I’ve learned a lot. I even really enjoy Twitter Chats. (Yes, another thing I thought was just dumb in the beginning) I don’t have time to get involved in many, but here are the ones I’ve found interesting:

#BlogElevated – Bloggers chatting about technology and blog stuff, Tuesday nights 9-10 CST.

#ATQA – Adventure Travel Q&A, Wednesdays 2PM Pacific Time.

#trailtime – I believe it has something to do with Sierra Trading Post, but it’s a bunch of adventurous outdoorsy people talking about being outside and adventuring, and happens Thursdays 11AM MDT.

They’re fun and extremely fast paced. I learn things and I get to interact with people I will never meet. I get to peek inside their worlds for a moment and learn what they know. There’s no time to think. Tweets are flying, people are funny, knowledgeable and interesting! What’s not to like? Why did I wait so long?

Twitter has been a surprise for me. I love social media but truly did not expect to enjoy this one. Like the hubs, Twitter is my first source for news. I get to decide if I follow a story all the way through and click the link for the full story. Suffice it to say if it has anything to do with reality shows, I’m not interested and I don’t have to waste my time. It’s so glorious to pick what I want to read about without wasting time! It’s 140 characters and in this case, it’s a great thing. Now I get it! I follow a lot of folks. If they are lame, I unfollow quickly. I don’t like spammy and I don’t like people who do nothing but quote other people. I wanna hear what people have to say for themselves. Entertain me! Educate me! Interact with me. Retweet me for gosh sakes. #tweeps

Have any cool Twitter chats I should look out for? Come join me sometime on the ones above! @adverbcreative