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Periscope Up Or Down?

Are you an “early adapter” to new technologies? As an aficionado and habitual student and participant of social media, I tend to want to jump at the chance to try new platforms, ideas and mediums. That being said, sometimes I, quite frankly, don’t have the time or energy to figure it all out. Does that stop me? Not always, though sometimes in retrospect I wish I’d listened to that wee voice saying, “Really? You have no idea what you’re doing. Stop. Just stop.” It’s a funny, wise voice actually, but boring as hell.

So, Periscope. I’d heard of it before, but since I’m not a video fan, I shrugged it off. The other night I joined the one Twitter Chat that I’m most consistent with, Blog Elevated. (#blogelevated). The chat happens Tuesday nights from 9-10 PM CST, and we discuss blogging and social media mostly. I really enjoy it in a nerdy sort of way. The topic was Periscope and I thought I’d sit back and log off early. Well, that didn’t happen, I attended the after party and watched a few live streaming chats with people. So, if you’re not familiar with the app, it’s really just another live streaming app. There are several out there including Meerkat that was all the rage during SXSW. The difference is that Periscope is owned by Twitter. (I think I have that right). So, when you use it, you have the option to push a Tweet out there to all your followers that notifies them automatically that you’re using Periscope live.

Here's the auto-tweet that goes out to your followers as soon as you start to broadcast

Here’s the auto-tweet that goes out to your followers as soon as you start to broadcast

People laugh when I say I’m a bit shy. I am and I’m not. Face to face, I’m definitely not shy. On camera though, it’s a completely different story. All of the sudden I’m tongue tied, and very self conscious. I don’t know how actors do it! So, I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried it! It’s actually fun if I’m not just sitting there talking as a talking head. A lot of my “friends” on the Blog Elevated chat tend to sit and just stream visuals of themselves sitting at their computers talking about… whatever. Aaack, I’m not comfortable with that. No thank you. For me, it’s actually kind of fun as long as I’ve got the camera facing out. THAT to me is interesting. I want to see wee glimpses of people’s lives. I don’t want to hear folks chat about how to comb the cat so it doesn’t shed buckets on the furniture. I want to see what others see.

My few Periscopes (is that what we’re supposed to call them?) so far have been live streaming parts of my friends’ show (so talented, and sweet). They’re called Beat Root and she’s from Northern Ireland and he’s from Kent, England. They’re an adorable couple with an amazing sound. (Please go check them out because you will thank me.) I’ve streamed a bit of a walk the other morning on an old abandoned golf course and the view of rain and hummingbirds from my back porch swing. My first try was hilarious. I was trying to get the camera to face me and when it did and I appeared on my screen it startled me enough that I jumped. Yep, I’m amazing.

I’ve always been one with a big imagination and penchant for day dreaming. I always imagine what’s going on in people’s houses, what they look like inside (the houses, I mean…) and who lives there. I can hear live music and want to stop and soak up the sights and sounds, and people watch. I love the idea of a window into someone else’s world who I will never meet. It’s kind of a blog (I love it when people post pictures from their runs or walks… I get to see what they see everyday… cool!), live streaming. I can see that this could have HUGE implications when breaking news is happening. It turns all of us into journalists. We tend to complain about the media being biased and I’m not saying people will be, but to see things unfold from the ground… that’s interesting.

It is interactive too. People who are watching your stream can type in a message. You see it pop up and can address it with your live stream. You have to do it verbally, of course, because you’re streaming! If folks like what you’re doing, they can tap the screens on their phones and it produces hearts which you see float up the side of your feed. Hearts are good, and it’s immediate validation. I’ve been told there are trolls, there always are, whose only purpose is to sour your feed with crap remarks. You can tap them as soon as they come up and start posting, you tap and block. Done. Currently, the app is only available for iPhone, I think. You know how quickly things change, it’s just a matter of time. The app on the phone is great, but if you’re using Twitter on your computer, you can watch videos and interact with them from your computer. I just don’t think you can broadcast. Another interesting feature is that you can watch past streams if you follow someone. So, for a limited amount of time, your streams are available. Then, they’re gone. So, you can check some of mine out to see if they’re still up.

If you’re interested in following me (and giving me floating hearts) as I learn this app, please follow me at @adverbcreative on twitter. I try to follow back. I’d like to know if you’re using Periscope. What do you like about it, what do you NOT like about it? Any tips, tricks or hints? And just in the spirit of the window into a life, here’s a photo of the walk this morning. Enjoy.