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Word Camp Austin

Word Camp, Woohoo!

Word Camp! Sounds fun, I think. Sounds uber-geekydiculous (my latest portmanteaus) too. I can take that, though. Geek might look like a four-letter word, but so is cute. I decided a long time ago that being called cute, rather than hot, or beautiful was a whole lot better than the other adjectives that might also apply, so I’d just go with it. Wise choice, I think, and it’s served me well. I didn’t spend a whole lot of time (maybe just a little) wishing I was gorgeous knowing that being cute fit my lively personality so much better. So, I’ve decided to do the same with the word geek. I enjoy writing. Throwing words around is just about as good as throwing balls around; jock is a four-letter word too, and I embrace that one. So, yes, I (and my husband) are attending Word Camp tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll learn how to geek this blog!