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Coffeeshop = Creative Boost?

Ambient Noise Boosts Creativity

Coffee Shops and Creativity

Flipping through my tweets this morning, I found an interesting article on creativity and music. I listen to music when I write, but for me, it has to have no words or my brain tunes in. I tend to listen to a blues guitar Pandora station. Surprisingly, music may not be the best boost for your creative brainwaves. This article says that studies show that the ambient level of coffee shop background noise, which happens to be about 70 decibels, “is the perfect noise level for reaching optimum levels of creativity and professional production.” My guess is that the caffeine you tend to mainline while sitting there can’t hurt either!

So, if setting up office in your local coffee shop is unrealistic, log on to Coffitivity to stream coffee shop sounds to your office! I’m streaming as I type, and it’s actually quite nice to hear those sounds in the background. I thought they’d be distracting, but they’re really not. This might be a new tool, watch out Pandora! Oh, and I’m brewing a cuppa Joe right now. It just seemed right.