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Fiction: Good For Your Brain

Okay, I love this news. Well, it’s not really new news for us readers, is it? Haven’t we always known that people who read are more intelligent? I mean, it’s obvious right? Well, it is news to me that fiction stimulates the brain in ways that non-fiction, or fact base information cannot. This short video by Discovery News is an interesting and short watch. Makes you want to pick up a novel, too! Feel free to check out my book reviews (shameless plug) for 2013 and 2014! I love to hear what books have made you happy too! Please comment and leave a recommendation or three. Enjoy and share!

And just because I think that readers are super intelligent and extra smart, I’m sharing my favorite poem performed by the super cute poet himself. I don’t care how many times I watch this, I love it every, single, TIME! Thanks Mark Grist! You are adorable!

“I Want a Girl Who Reads”

Say what you want, but this makes Mark Grist super extra hot. His accent is awesome, yes, but his words are super sexy. Ladies, this is the kind of man you need. I will make it a point, at some point, to check him out live.