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Book 12: I Am Malala

Book Worth Reading

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ These are high ratings for a book that did not wow with me with literary prowess. Truth. It wowed me with insight into the life of an extraordinary young woman who was blessed with an even more enlightened and extraordinary father who, despite her being a girl in a country where girls don’t count, told her that she deserved an education. It’s definitely unlikely that I will ever travel to Pakistan to experience the magical beauty of the Swat valley Malala’s family called home, but by her words, I saw it through the loving lens of a child. Read this book. The autobiographical account of the struggle to educate girls is well worth your time and brain cells. I’m thankful for activists like Malala and her father who know that knowledge is power. I hope that one day, she can travel back to her homeland and be welcomed and revered as the gift she is.