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Book 26: Monster Hunter Nemesis

♦ ♦ ♦ ◊ My husband and I finally finished this bad boy in the car in Colorado. We’ve listened to all of the previous in this series and will continue until Larry Correira is finished. There’s tons of action and all our favorite monster hunters make at least an appearance. This one focuses on just a couple of characters, but we know that the series is building up to something big. I love reading/listening to these books with the hubs. I often wonder what the characters look like to him. You know the saying,  “two people can pick up the same book and read two different stories”, well, I bet that’s particularly true for us. My imagination is way wilder than his, but that’s what makes these books so good. There’s something for both of us. He loves the action, the blood, the guts and the gore. I like the characters, and the action and all that stuff, but I focus on the characters and the imagination behind the writing.

This was another good story in the Monster Hunters series, which I do recommend!

Week 23: The Alloy of Law

♥ ♥ ♥ A side story of the Mistborn series my husband and I enjoy together, The Alloy of Law took awhile to pull me in. Set 200 years after the last book, The Hero of Ages, in the Mistborn trilogy, the characters are completely different. Of course they are! It’s 200 years later, I know. Still, it took awhile, but eventually the book and it’s likable heroes finally won me over. Though very different, there were many things the characters had in common with their predecessors, and it was interesting to see the way the Trilogy characters were remembered historically. Okay #BrandonSanderson, I’ll read whatever you write.

Week 38: The Hunted

AdVerb Creative Reviews The Hunted by Kevin Hearne

♥♥♥.5 My hunky Irish druid is back! Thank you Kevin Hearne for bringing us more Atticus in this 6th book. My hunky Irish husband and I enjoy these audio books together. Recently, my sons have been in the car with us and have heard excerpts. I must admit, I’m always ready to pounce on the volume because ya never know when something “interesting” and not age appropriate for my 13 year old to listen to with his parents, will happen. But oh, my gosh, Oberon was hilarious in this book and we all laughed out loud. Luke Daniels does such a great job with the narration. My only complaint was the switching of the narration to Granuaile off and on. We all agreed that her parts were boring. Love her as a character, but leave the story telling to Atticus, please.

Week 35: Monster Hunter Vendetta

♥♥♥♥ So, those monsters we discussed with the first book are back and so are the hunters. There is non-stop action, blood, goo, guts, gore, monsters, guitars and rock stars. Our fearless league of Monster Hunters takes on a crazy cult of very dangerous people, who are playing very dangerous games with powerful un-dead allies. Just know that you can sleep at night with our friends and heroes at MHI on the job. We learn more about their history, and them as individuals in this book. If you enjoyed the first one, hurry up and read this one already! My whole family loves this series.