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Book 21: Shattered

shattered♦ ♦ ♦ .5  At the beginning of this series, there was only one druid left in the world. He was a quirky, tattooed rare book store owner in Tempe, Arizona. I, and many other readers, fell in love with him at first read. Now, several books later, said druid has trained another druid and fallen for her, and has brought his old arch druid back from his exile to a time island. There are now 3 druids working with the earth’s elementals to protect nature and fight forces of evil on this plane and others. The introduction of Atticus’ arch druid brings some humor and history to the story, however, much of this book focused on Granuaile  and her new Irish wolf hound. I’m not as enchanted with her story, but I’ll read as many in this series as Kevin Hearne will put out there for us. Enjoyable!

Week 8: Trapped

♥ ♥ ♥ 1/2  This series keeps me interested and amused from the first sentence of every book. Hot Irish Druids with radical magical tattoos, temperamental gods, fairies, vampires, Irish Wolfhounds,  Hell and the earth elementals, what’s not to like? I give it 3.5 hearts because they’re always entertaining, but never hugely different from each other. Even so, I will definitely read the whole series. Consider following Kevin Hearne’s blog.

Week 25: Grimoire of the Lamb

♥ ♥ ♥ Novella does not equal novel. I know, but I wanted to read this with my hubby, so it counts. Atticus O’Sullivan, our hot, 2000 year-old, Irish Iron Druid with red hair and amazing tats (funny, I bet my husband might describe him differently) and his Irish Wolfhound   take a quick trip to Egypt where he meets an old enemy. She’s a cat goddess who wants one of her ancient sex books back from Atticus’ collection. Then there’s a big fight with a crocodile god who wants a rare magical book and obviously it would be very bad if the Crocodile King got his hands on the ancient, magical book.

Action packed as always and funny as usual, this quick read was worth our time.