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Book 23: The Ghosts of Belfast

ghosts♦ ♦ ♦ During this book, the phrase, “I see dead people” kept bouncing around in my head. Not a new premise (and from another book entirely) but one put into a modern Northern Ireland novel. I just wasn’t too keen on the plot. It seemed too simple at times and the story line didn’t stray far from the path it seemed to be on. That being said, I didn’t quit listening and I, as I usually do, enjoyed Gerard Doyle as the narrator. The details of the story about West Belfast jumped out at me because while I was reading the last few hours, we were visiting family there. I did ask a lot of questions about The Troubles and plan to take a Black Cab tour next time we’re there. So, for the story I would give it 2.5 but because of my Belfast connection, it gets a 3.

Book 8: The Likeness

Another Good One in the Dublin Murder Series

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ They say that everybody has a double, but how often do people ever see their spittin’ image? How often do people investigate the murder of their unrelated twin? Better yet, how bout go under cover as that person? Well, of course, this whole scenario is completely ridiculous when it comes to real possibility, but this is fiction! So, with that out of the way, what if?

I’ve so enjoyed the Dublin Murder Series of books, and this was no exception. I enjoy Tana French’s writing wholeheartedly, and Heather O’Neill’s narration on this audio book was great. Her Irish accent makes me happy, and makes it feel authentic. I’ve read the first 4 in this series, and I’ve loved all of them. I keep trying to convince my friends to read them, but so far as I know, nobody has.

Anyone out there in the blog-sphere read Tana French? Am I all alone?

Week 36: In The Woods

Another 2013 Fave

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ I like this Dublin Murder Series by Tana French. They aren’t really consecutive or have the same characters, but I like the stories. I think more than anything it’s because they remind me of the BBC series called Murphey’s Law. (Go rent the series… it’s worth a watch). I say that because the Brits seem to have a handle on “real.” Things aren’t tied up with pretty bows and happy endings every danged time. Life is not either; it is complicated. People aren’t all beautiful, they’re real and life gets icky occasionally. That’s what keeps me reading these books. The narrators have been great too which adds tons to my enjoyment. The Irish accent in my head is pretty good, but my British one isn’t. It’s fun to hear them done well, and out loud.

I think this one is worth a read, especially if you like raw, real and characters who aren’t necessarily perfect, except for their teeth… I do like Hollywood teeth.

Week 32: Faithful Place

One of 2013 Faves

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ + Just finished the book, and I LOVED it. You must listen to this one.  Tim Gerard Reynolds who narrates did a fabulous job. Irish accent with the perfect rhythm and cadence was dead on. Because I’m married to a man from the Belfast area, I enjoyed listening and hearing the plenitude of  “Irishisms” that filled this book and gave it a personality of it’s own. I found my inner thoughts bouncing around in my head with the Irish accent — great fun. In the past, this has only happened when we’ve been hanging ’round his family, or returned from a trip to Ireland. So, it was an extra Irish treat.

Great story with enough real life, tough stuff to keep you interested in the story and not just in the language and the lovely accent. I wish I could pull up all the little sayings I wanted to remember to use on my hubby. The language, especially the cursing, was so colorful that it sometimes made me grin out loud, even when it was probably not appropriate to the story-line to do so. So, this was number 3 in the Dublin Murder Squad series, but I just figured that out. Now, I’ll have to check out the others! I can’t wait! I definitely recommend this murder mystery, but especially as an Audible book. I will definitely be looking for more books by Tana French and also those performed by Tim Reynolds.

Week 43: Falling Glass

AdVerb Creative book reviews

Worth a Read

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ I didn’t know who to trust and I couldn’t figure out what was going to happen. Our boy Killian, a hired Irish “heavy”, is searching for a runaway ex-wife and children of a millionaire for a huge sum of money. The story seems fairly straight forward, and the next thing you know, it’s a tangled, tattered and twisted tale that has you on the edge. Why did she run in the first place? Oh, don’t worry, you’ll find out and you won’t like it. All kinds of sordid, scandalous tidbits find their way to the surface and people pay. And though it works its way out, I’m not sure I like the way it worked out. Another raw story that doesn’t end up in a package with a bow. Love Gerard Doyle’s performance as narrator. Definitely one to read!