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Have Some Guts! Just Write It!

You've Got Guts!

You’ve Got Guts!

In the past year or so, I’ve begun sharing my blogs with friends and family. Because I am surrounded by very intelligent, successful and talented people I was, frankly, intimidated. Things I write aren’t just words. I don’t write fiction, and I can’t peak out from behind my characters to see reactions and create distance. I’m out there on display, and though I don’t do it solely for my audience, I still want to touch them.

My goal to make people feel something, anything, and to write these words that bounce around inside me and poke at my bones until I put them out there where they’re intended keeps me tapping these keys. They feel good under my fingers and seeing the words arrive on my screen fulfills something inside me. Whether what I write is good or bad, better or worse, something — anything, is better than nothing. Guts.


I hope that if you are follower, you are still here! When I first started my quest to read 52 books this year, I wrote reviews and faithfully posted them every week. However, I was goofing up on how I posted them. Rather than posts, they were pages and blah, blah, blah…

Anyway, it seems like I’ve posted a thousand things today, but in truth, I was fixing my previous posts.

If you have been pinged a million times, I am so sorry! If you’ve seen something you missed that you liked, then, I am so happy! 🙂 I’m sorted now, thanks for hanging with me.

2014 Books Start soon!

WordPress Austin MeetUp: Popcorn Heads Unite!

Tonight I attended the WordPress Austin MeetUp group and <NEWSFLASH> I’ve discovered I am technically termed a “popcorn head.” This is no surprise to anyone who knows me, and I’m frankly thrilled that I’ve got a new amusing way to describe myself. I love the image! It made me doodle.

Sarah Rooney, Adverb Creative, PopCorn Head

My Notes From the WP MeetUp

The term came up when talking about blogs and audience. They asked, “Who is reading your blog?” I shrugged. “What do you write about?” Whatever pops into my head, I thought. “Or are you a popcorn head…” I immediately stopped listening and identified closely with that term. Oh, you can stop right there, I have found myself! I just never thought of myself in those precise terms, however, it is stunningly accurate.

I realize that in blogging, you are supposed to have a purpose. You are supposed to have a target audience. You are supposed to be focused and organized. I know, I know, and I’m confident that with the right help and the right classes, I will get there.

So, for now, if you’re reading this, who are you and why are you here?

More importantly, salt? Butter?

Stats Say Blogs Drive Traffic!

Bad Traffic

At Word Camp Austin the other day, I heard that blogs can increase traffic to websites for businesses up to 65%. Are you kidding me? I thought that we bloggers were just a subculture of people who like to hear ourselves write. I enjoy reading my fellow bloggers’ posts. I LOVE it when another blogger likes one of my posts and tend to click their link and read something of theirs. We’re just cool that way, and talented too!

65% has been bouncing around in my head this week because, well, it’s impressive. Today, I’ve been back and forth with a Realtor friend, Eileen Gill, about finding the time to go to lunch. I clicked a link from her Facebook Business Page and found her company’s blog. Curious,  I dove in. Admittedly, this crew of agents are highly educated and uber cool with life experiences that span the globe and weave in and out of the music industry, my type of Realtors. Just saying that I should not have been surprised at the quality of the blog, but here I am, writing away.

Inspiration… I Need a Nudge, Please.

KIYOSHI MINO, Artist (felted animals)

Strange and wacky, often filled with nonsense, the internet sometimes produces a gem. Sometimes. This morning, up and at ’em early, (shocker) I started on Twitter. This led me to a story by Jordan Kushins about a veteran who makes felted animals. What? That sounds lame, sorry, they’re not just animals, they’re works of art. After the really cool story, I read her byline which led me to follow her on Twitter (@kushkush) and then start reading her tweets. I know, I fell down one of the bajillion rabbit holes that is Twitter, but Continue reading

You’re Not Too Busy to Blog

Juggling it All

Burning the candle at both ends while juggling kids, school, work, play, laundry and dinner leaves nary a  minute, let alone 15 to write. How do you find the time and inclination to put your head down and tap those keys? Thank you Debra Johnson at for these 8 Essential Habits for Effective Writing. 

Are there any you would add? How do you make sure you get it done?