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1,000 Tweets and Tweeting

Twitter didn’t not sing to me in the beginning. My husband, a tech nerd-not-nerd was on Twitter and he’s a man of few words for the world; he’s more of a face to face type definitely not a broadcaster type. His family back in Ireland knows what he’s up to only because I never shut up, primarily on Facebook. I post where we are, what we’re doing and muse about ridiculous things. I’m guilty as a “broadcaster” type, but do it mostly for my own amusement and sanity. I know that if people don’t wanna hear it, they can un-follow me and I’m none the wiser, and definitely not insulted. My brain moves fast. There’s a lot going on up there. I LOVE interaction and fun is fun. I like to laugh. I like to make others laugh. I enjoy people’s wit and occasional wisdom even. But Twitter? Really? I didn’t get it.

Maybe it was the wimpy 140 characters that just didn’t appeal. I mean, what the hell can you say in so few letters? So, when I first started looking over the hub’s shoulder, or hearing what he thought was interesting from his feed, it got a bit more intriguing. Granted, we like a bunch of the same things like soccer, rugby, news, the outdoors, adventures, hiking, mountain biking.. okay you get the picture, so I was being slowly sucked in by his constant flow of interesting news. So, I tried it a few times. Hashtags? What? Why?

Well, and here I am 1001 tweets later. I’m hooked. I’ve learned a lot. I even really enjoy Twitter Chats. (Yes, another thing I thought was just dumb in the beginning) I don’t have time to get involved in many, but here are the ones I’ve found interesting:

#BlogElevated – Bloggers chatting about technology and blog stuff, Tuesday nights 9-10 CST.

#ATQA – Adventure Travel Q&A, Wednesdays 2PM Pacific Time.

#trailtime – I believe it has something to do with Sierra Trading Post, but it’s a bunch of adventurous outdoorsy people talking about being outside and adventuring, and happens Thursdays 11AM MDT.

They’re fun and extremely fast paced. I learn things and I get to interact with people I will never meet. I get to peek inside their worlds for a moment and learn what they know. There’s no time to think. Tweets are flying, people are funny, knowledgeable and interesting! What’s not to like? Why did I wait so long?

Twitter has been a surprise for me. I love social media but truly did not expect to enjoy this one. Like the hubs, Twitter is my first source for news. I get to decide if I follow a story all the way through and click the link for the full story. Suffice it to say if it has anything to do with reality shows, I’m not interested and I don’t have to waste my time. It’s so glorious to pick what I want to read about without wasting time! It’s 140 characters and in this case, it’s a great thing. Now I get it! I follow a lot of folks. If they are lame, I unfollow quickly. I don’t like spammy and I don’t like people who do nothing but quote other people. I wanna hear what people have to say for themselves. Entertain me! Educate me! Interact with me. Retweet me for gosh sakes. #tweeps

Have any cool Twitter chats I should look out for? Come join me sometime on the ones above! @adverbcreative

Pinterest Adds Messaging- And A Cool Video

So, my social media fanatic friends, I’m sure that by now,  you’re surely one of the 70 Million folks using Pinterest. Have you seen that they’ve added a messaging feature? I just tried it out and sent a couple pins via email to friends.

Here’s the Pinterest messaging video. I thought it was well-done, but would love feedback on what you think about not only the video, but the feature.

Would love a follow on Pinterest!

World Cup = Social Media Storm

The World Cup is a Social Media Explosion happening right now.

Here are some fun facts:

  • 3.5 Billion people are expected to watch the World Cup (that’s about HALF the world’s population…)
  • There are 350,000 tweets per day about the World Cup
  • Lionel Messi has sparked the most tweets so far, with Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney coming in next.

Check out this awesome infographic, and click the link to visit the Digital Information Website.

Infographic from Digital Information World

Infographic from Digital Information World

Social Media Hoaxes of 2013: Call Me Gullible

The Singing Couple… I kept thinking, “No way I’d do that!”

Admit it, you thought the couple singing at the gas pump were real, you laughed your butt off when the twerker girl caught on fire, and you might have even been a little bit baffled by the Manti Te’o mysterious dead girlfriend media frenzy. Yes, I fell for those too, among a few others.  Am I weird to say that I enjoy finding out some of these stupid things were hoaxes? And then there are those who make me mad like the waitress who posted the receipt that said the family wouldn’t tip her because of her lifestyle choices. She played on the sympathies of good people, and people actually sent her money to pay for the “bad” family who didn’t tip. Boo!

There are even some up there that *gasp* I’d never even heard of, so those were interesting too.

Enjoy the list by Mashable of the “Top Hoaxes of 2013.” You know you fell for at least one of them.