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Pinterest Adds Messaging- And A Cool Video

So, my social media fanatic friends, I’m sure that by now,  you’re surely one of the 70 Million folks using Pinterest. Have you seen that they’ve added a messaging feature? I just tried it out and sent a couple pins via email to friends.

Here’s the Pinterest messaging video. I thought it was well-done, but would love feedback on what you think about not only the video, but the feature.

Would love a follow on Pinterest!

World Cup = Social Media Storm

The World Cup is a Social Media Explosion happening right now.

Here are some fun facts:

  • 3.5 Billion people are expected to watch the World Cup (that’s about HALF the world’s population…)
  • There are 350,000 tweets per day about the World Cup
  • Lionel Messi has sparked the most tweets so far, with Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney coming in next.

Check out this awesome infographic, and click the link to visit the Digital Information Website.

Infographic from Digital Information World

Infographic from Digital Information World

Social Media Hoaxes of 2013: Call Me Gullible

The Singing Couple… I kept thinking, “No way I’d do that!”

Admit it, you thought the couple singing at the gas pump were real, you laughed your butt off when the twerker girl caught on fire, and you might have even been a little bit baffled by the Manti Te’o mysterious dead girlfriend media frenzy. Yes, I fell for those too, among a few others.  Am I weird to say that I enjoy finding out some of these stupid things were hoaxes? And then there are those who make me mad like the waitress who posted the receipt that said the family wouldn’t tip her because of her lifestyle choices. She played on the sympathies of good people, and people actually sent her money to pay for the “bad” family who didn’t tip. Boo!

There are even some up there that *gasp* I’d never even heard of, so those were interesting too.

Enjoy the list by Mashable of the “Top Hoaxes of 2013.” You know you fell for at least one of them.

WordPress Austin MeetUp: Popcorn Heads Unite!

Tonight I attended the WordPress Austin MeetUp group and <NEWSFLASH> I’ve discovered I am technically termed a “popcorn head.” This is no surprise to anyone who knows me, and I’m frankly thrilled that I’ve got a new amusing way to describe myself. I love the image! It made me doodle.

Sarah Rooney, Adverb Creative, PopCorn Head

My Notes From the WP MeetUp

The term came up when talking about blogs and audience. They asked, “Who is reading your blog?” I shrugged. “What do you write about?” Whatever pops into my head, I thought. “Or are you a popcorn head…” I immediately stopped listening and identified closely with that term. Oh, you can stop right there, I have found myself! I just never thought of myself in those precise terms, however, it is stunningly accurate.

I realize that in blogging, you are supposed to have a purpose. You are supposed to have a target audience. You are supposed to be focused and organized. I know, I know, and I’m confident that with the right help and the right classes, I will get there.

So, for now, if you’re reading this, who are you and why are you here?

More importantly, salt? Butter?

Is Facebook Dead?

We Still Like It

UH…. according to the numbers put out by Jeff Bullas in his latest blog, the answer is “Duh, no!” My kids don’t really seem to think that Facebook is relevant anymore. My 17 year old chooses Twitter, Vine and Snap Chat. He only goes on Facebook when he gets a notification that he’s been tagged or mentioned. My 13 year old passed on the opportunity to get a FB page and has chosen Twitter instead. Hmmmm, so how is Facebook growing? Is it all of us old geezers who continue to keep it viable?

Check out the other top 10 Social Media platforms. Thanks Jeff!


Stats Say Blogs Drive Traffic!

Bad Traffic

At Word Camp Austin the other day, I heard that blogs can increase traffic to websites for businesses up to 65%. Are you kidding me? I thought that we bloggers were just a subculture of people who like to hear ourselves write. I enjoy reading my fellow bloggers’ posts. I LOVE it when another blogger likes one of my posts and tend to click their link and read something of theirs. We’re just cool that way, and talented too!

65% has been bouncing around in my head this week because, well, it’s impressive. Today, I’ve been back and forth with a Realtor friend, Eileen Gill, about finding the time to go to lunch. I clicked a link from her Facebook Business Page and found her company’s blog. Curious,  I dove in. Admittedly, this crew of agents are highly educated and uber cool with life experiences that span the globe and weave in and out of the music industry, my type of Realtors. Just saying that I should not have been surprised at the quality of the blog, but here I am, writing away.

My Worlds Collide: Social Media and Real Estate

Real Estate and Social Media

Real estate and Social Media are natural bedfellows. In my day job as a business development rep for a title company, I spend a lot of time helping my clients (lenders and Realtors®) learn to use social media tactics to grow their businesses. While doing so, I use social media to help them grow their businesses and to grow mine! While posting on my Business Facebook Page today, I came across an article that the Women’s Council of Realtors Continue reading

Beware the Bird!

Bad Tweets!

I’m starting to wonder about my fellow Tweetsters. Or maybe the Twittersphere clearly represents the intelligence of the general population? Either way, giving your boss (or your job) the virtual bird on Twitter takes the stupid cake. There are some smart folks on Twitter too, by the way. They’re the people who are behind the new “Fire Me” app that tracks people who Tweet hateful things about their jobs and bosses. You should check to be sure that you’re not on the “Leaderboard” Continue reading

Whole Foods Cooks on Pinterest

Whole Foods Austin on Pinterest

I’m fascinated with Pinterest. Not just because it’s visual, interesting and useful (and addicting), but because it’s an emerging and surprisingly good tool for businesses. I recently read this article by Lauren Drell on Mashable about how Whole Foods is using the medium to connect with consumers. Continue reading