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Love These Laugh Lines: Rockin’ The Wrinkles

Rockin' The Wrinkles, Baby!

Rockin’ The Wrinkles, Baby!

Last month, a fellow blogger asked for submissions for her February series on love. I loved the idea. When I started thinking about it, I decided that I love everything, it seems. I love hiking, biking, dogs, my family, traveling, talking, singing, writing, eating, drinking and well, there’s just no way to choose. The word is definitely over-used, but that was not the question. What would I write about? The answer came in the form of a selfie. I know, right? Gack.

My dear, and multi-talented friend Kara, sent me an amazingly gorgeous, GREEN (I love green too) hand-knitted (just for me!) neck warmer! In utter delight, I slipped it on and modeled it for a picture so I could text it to her immediately. I loved it! When I looked at the photo, I thought, “I must really laugh a lot!” and BOOM! There it was. I love those laugh lines! Those are some rockin’ wrinkles. Why would I ever try to hide that billboard to the world that proclaims that I love to laugh?

Thus, my piece on “Lovin’ My Laugh Lines” was born and thrust into the ether. Please go visit Musings By The Bay and check it out. I hope it makes you look in the mirror and laugh!