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Book 18: Words Of Radiance The Stormlight Archive Book 2

♦ ♦ ♦.5  I’ll admit it right now, something must be wrong with me. My husband and I listened to The Way Of Kings, the first in the series, it seems like years ago! We loved it! I would give that one 5 stars for sure. The ratings for this second book on Audible are a solid 5 stars (well 4.8), with over 6500 people rating it. Why didn’t I get it? I mean, I got it, I listened to the full 48 hours and 15 minutes of this book! That’s 4 days of my life I gave this book. I found myself getting bored and checking out for a few minutes, then asking my husband what just happened? I definitely didn’t do that in the first book. I felt like too much time was given to description and characters that didn’t interest me that much. That being said, I did, truly, like the story. Maybe it was the narration that let me down? It’s almost a 4 star rating, but not quite. I’d like to know what you think.

Book 10: The Wise Man’s Fear

Beautiful Language, Interesting Read

Beautiful Language, Interesting Read

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ This book was 43 hours of audio delight. Needless to say that it took my hubby and I a few weeks to complete this one. When we’re co-listening it takes much longer because our listening happens mostly when we’re in the car together or sitting on the porch swing. I loved it and we were more than halfway through when I realized that this is actually a series, and this is the second book! I hate it when I do that.

To me, Patrick Rothfuss’ book is beautifully written, imaginative, thoughtful and was well narrated. My husband thought there wasn’t quite enough action and I don’t think he’d give it a 4 rating. Definitely nothing under 3, but he’s not all in it for the language and the philosophy. I found it fascinating. I am constantly reminded, while reading fantasy, that the human imagination is a beautiful thing. So many of the things I read delight, amuse and interest me, yet, as creative as I think I am, I’m pretty sure that I couldn’t come up with such interesting concepts, worlds, societies, and gods. So happy for books! If you want a big long story, try this one!

Week 3: The Well of Ascension

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  I am not (now I guess I have to say *was not) a sci-fi fan, until my hubby and I stumbled upon this author and this series! We listen to these epic long books via Audible. This one took us 29 hours to read/listen to. I love them. I am constantly amazed and reminded how much imagination Sanderson has. I find myself asking, “How in the world did he come up with that?” Cool!

Week 25: Grimoire of the Lamb

♥ ♥ ♥ Novella does not equal novel. I know, but I wanted to read this with my hubby, so it counts. Atticus O’Sullivan, our hot, 2000 year-old, Irish Iron Druid with red hair and amazing tats (funny, I bet my husband might describe him differently) and his Irish Wolfhound   take a quick trip to Egypt where he meets an old enemy. She’s a cat goddess who wants one of her ancient sex books back from Atticus’ collection. Then there’s a big fight with a crocodile god who wants a rare magical book and obviously it would be very bad if the Crocodile King got his hands on the ancient, magical book.

Action packed as always and funny as usual, this quick read was worth our time.

Week 23: The Alloy of Law

♥ ♥ ♥ A side story of the Mistborn series my husband and I enjoy together, The Alloy of Law took awhile to pull me in. Set 200 years after the last book, The Hero of Ages, in the Mistborn trilogy, the characters are completely different. Of course they are! It’s 200 years later, I know. Still, it took awhile, but eventually the book and it’s likable heroes finally won me over. Though very different, there were many things the characters had in common with their predecessors, and it was interesting to see the way the Trilogy characters were remembered historically. Okay #BrandonSanderson, I’ll read whatever you write.

Week 15: The Hero of Ages

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ My husband and I listened to the Mistborn trilogy together. It took us a long time to get through the books because we had to find the time when we were together, but it was fun to be able to talk about them as we progressed. A great series. They have everything: violence, romance, fantastical powers, villains, heroes and philosophical and moral dilemmas.

I’m now a fan of Brandon Sanderson (@brandonsanderson) and follow him on Twitter for fun.

Week 38: The Hunted

AdVerb Creative Reviews The Hunted by Kevin Hearne

♥♥♥.5 My hunky Irish druid is back! Thank you Kevin Hearne for bringing us more Atticus in this 6th book. My hunky Irish husband and I enjoy these audio books together. Recently, my sons have been in the car with us and have heard excerpts. I must admit, I’m always ready to pounce on the volume because ya never know when something “interesting” and not age appropriate for my 13 year old to listen to with his parents, will happen. But oh, my gosh, Oberon was hilarious in this book and we all laughed out loud. Luke Daniels does such a great job with the narration. My only complaint was the switching of the narration to Granuaile off and on. We all agreed that her parts were boring. Love her as a character, but leave the story telling to Atticus, please.