Book 17: Reconstructing Amelia

Worth a Read

Worth a Read

♦ ♦ ♦ 1/2 Mean people suck. Seriously, there are too many crazy, selfish people in this world. It’s hard enough, life in general, don’t you think? The truth is though, that these things do happen. We hear about bullying in all forms, at all ages, and we think “Oh my gosh, how terrible! What’s wrong with those people?” But it’s too late. This book addresses a lot of life lessons and gives it to you right in the gut. A friend asked me while I was reading it how I liked it, and my reply was, “there’s a lot of dysfunction going on.” Well, that flippant reply was truthful, accurate, but a little harsh. People do the best the can, with what they have, and sometimes, we learn our lessons too late. Worth a read.

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