Book 11: The Rosie Project

A Really Good Read

♦♦♦♦ My friend Lisa recommended this one. It’s been in my wishlist for awhile, but with her encouragement, I downloaded and jumped right in. At first I thought, “eh, it’s interesting, but why all the rave reviews?” As I got further into the story, I realized that I really, really liked the characters. I was quietly engaged and invested in their stories.

That’s what makes me give it a four rating, rather than a three. It’s not action packed, but it’s lovely in an every-day-sort-of-real sense. Asberger’s Syndrome and Autism seem to be on the rise not only in our population, but, rightly so, in our literature. There are some eye-opening statistics about the Autism spectrum, like 1 in 42 boys are affected by some form of Autism and are 5 times as likely as girls to be affected. With these numbers, I’m happy to see books like this one, with characters depicted as real and lovable, quirks, differences and all, who fall into the category. Do yourself a favor and pick this one up! I always find nuggets of insight to hold onto that are so relevant in my life.

I’ve read two other books with great characters who seem to fall under the Autism spectrum: The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie,  and the Curious Incident of the Dog In the Nighttime.


  1. ryandejonghe

    Everyone I’ve recommended this to seems to love it–it’s a universally appealing, great book. Thanks for the review and further book recommendations.

      • ryandejonghe

        That’s cool. My sister does a lot of audible, too. I’m always reading either print or kindle, but often wonder how the audio translates in certain books. For instance, in the recent book THE BEAR, I didn’t like it, but I bet audio listeners/readers would appreciate it more if the person speaking added in pauses that weren’t in print. There’s something to say positive for both.

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