Book 7: Twelve Years A Slave

A Book I Wish Was Fiction

A Book I Wish Was Fiction

♦ ♦ ♦ + Another book gone Hollywood. At this point, I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I guarantee, the book says so much more. This powerful autobiographical look at slavery from the inside out, and considered to be the best insight into that life, by many, was a difficult read/listen. The most obvious reason for my difficulty was the subject matter and the frank depiction of real people, real places and real occurrences. Horrific. Brutal. Inhumane. Unthinkable. My list could go on and on. Like the Holocaust, I just can’t wrap my head around slavery. And, knowing it still exists on this planet sickens me. First published in 1853, this book, written by the Solomon Northup, was obviously written in the language of its time. The sentences were quite formal, making the listening a bit more challenging. However, the story will grab you by the throat and squeeze. Difficult, but well worth a listen.

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