Book 3: Divergent

Worth a Read!

Worth a Read!

♦ ♦ ♦ + Always read the book before you watch a movie, that’s my motto! Divergence, what is it? Good, bad? Or Dauntless? Crazy? This was an exciting and interesting read. I thoroughly enjoyed this action packed ride. The discussion about people’s characteristics, aptitudes, differences and the manipulation of those characteristics was interesting to me. Without giving anything away, the thought that folks can be divided into clear factions, though not a new idea, was taken to the extreme. What happens is interesting and stereo-typically a bit predictable. That, however, did not dampen my enjoyment. The fact that I drove the long way everywhere I went so I could listen a bit longer proves it. Worth a read, but from what I hear, maybe I should wait to rent the movie? Thoughts?


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