Have Some Guts! Just Write It!

You've Got Guts!

You’ve Got Guts!

In the past year or so, I’ve begun sharing my blogs with friends and family. Because I am surrounded by very intelligent, successful and talented people I was, frankly, intimidated. Things I write aren’t just words. I don’t write fiction, and I can’t peak out from behind my characters to see reactions and create distance. I’m out there on display, and though I don’t do it solely for my audience, I still want to touch them.

My goal to make people feel something, anything, and to write these words that bounce around inside me and poke at my bones until I put them out there where they’re intended keeps me tapping these keys. They feel good under my fingers and seeing the words arrive on my screen fulfills something inside me. Whether what I write is good or bad, better or worse, something — anything, is better than nothing. Guts.

One comment

  1. Andleeb Akhlaq Tahir

    I started writing just a month before , i am doing same , sharing with my friends and family .
    I have a lot of things inside me that i want to share with world and i had not any other better option , i think so , then to write a blog.
    I also do not care what i am writing if anyone will like it or not , but i believe that its coming from inside and it has a lot of meaning to me .
    I really like what you have written , you told about your feelings in a very attractive and precise way.
    I will be happy if you also have a look on

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