Week 14: Helter Skelter

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Creepy. Wack-a-do. Scary. Flabbergasting. Disgusting. Crazy. That is all.

Okay, no, I have more to say. I was just a baby when the Manson “family” committed their violent and semi-random murderous acts at the whim of Charlie himself. I never understood the disdain my straight-laced, middle class parents had for hippies. Where we lived, true hippies (free love, drugs, communes) did not really exist. I remember hearing bits and pieces and seeing this book laying around. Now I understand their feelings. This was all over the news and it was horrifying. How one man could draw in so many lost and nutty people and manipulate them so? What makes me crazy is that Manson, 40+ years later who is happily tucked away in prison,  still has appeal to a certain subculture. What? The book is written by the prosecutor and there’s lots of legal stuff which is both fascinating and frustrating, but worth a read.

PS: Just saw an article that said the Governor of California denied parole yesterday to one of the Manson followers. Bruce Davis is 70 years old.

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