Week 49: The Blood Sugar Solution

Diabesity is at Epidemic Proportions Food is Medicine

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Obviously a non-fiction that I thought highly of. During both pregnancies, I was either borderline, or fully gestational diabetic. I’ve been told that now, I am highly likely to develop Diabetes as an adult. Hmfff. I’m an athlete and have been all my life, however, I’m an athlete gone bad. I’ve suddenly (and not so suddenly) got extra weight to lose. A lot of it. According to Dr. Mark Hyman (that is his real name) I’ve got diabesity.

I’ve read most of these things before, and they do concern me, honestly. I like that he has quizzes in the book to see how far along you might be, and gives you the hope that you CAN reverse your state by eating right. Food is medicine and you need to know how to use it! I’ve started taking many of the supplements and am working on taking control of the foods that are killing me. That’s what Diabetes does, right? If you’re on your own weight loss or health journey, join me on my 50 Pound Monkey blog. It’s humor in the face of fat, and my misadventures on my own road. Read it, and maybe we laugh a lot and get healthy together. Read this book too, and let’s work on it!

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