Week 45: Monster Hunter Alpha

AdVerb Creative, no spoiler book review of Monster Hunter Alpha

Earl Harbinger vs The Alpha

♥ ♥ ♥ So, I’m geared up and ready for my team of fearless Monster Hunters. What will they fight this time? Zombies? Gargoyles? Elves or Gnomes? But, as I get further and further into the book, I realize, the team won’t appear. This book strictly sticks to Earl Harbinger and his story. We delve into how he became one of the oldest and most powerful Lycanthropes the world has ever seen. The story bounces from distant history to recent history in a dizzying and fitful floppiness that worked at times, and frustrated at others. Oh, and it was bloody. Definitely the most vile and violent monster massacre yet, it seemed the gore even surprised Earl. I feel like I know Earl now and he went from just a character to a big character in the scheme of things for me. I did miss the team though, and will read the next one to catch up. The characters are becoming old friends. I guess that’s the sign of a good series, huh?

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