Week 40: Orange is the New Black

Sarah Rooney review of Orange is the New Black

Wow, what a read! I promise to be good.

♥♥♥♥ This book made me really question my beliefs about our penal system. Of course, how would I know for sure what it’s like on the inside having never been there myself? But what if, and it could happen, I did something stupid? Or what if I was the victim of a drug smuggling ring and something was found in my suitcase that I had nothing to do with? What if I didn’t know that smuggling peanut butter into Ireland was illegal… is it? What I’m trying to point out is, what the hell would I do if I, a middle class, educated woman got sent up?

Well, Piper did bring it on herself, but I can’t count the times in the book where I gasped out loud, or shook my head at the absurdities about her case, and about the system once she was in. I love her “voice”, her attitude and her fortitude because I’m just not sure I’d make it. I have no doubt that it would be a sure-fire weight loss trick for me, but I think I’d rather remain pleasantly plump, and in charge of my own life, thanks though.

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