Week 38: The Hunted

♥♥♥.5 My hunky Irish druid is back! Thank you Kevin Hearne for bringing us more Atticus in this 6th book. My hunky Irish husband and I enjoy these audio books together. Recently, my sons have been in the car with us and have heard excerpts. I must admit, I’m always ready to pounce on the volume because ya never know when something “interesting” and not age appropriate for my 13 year old to listen to with his parents, will happen. But oh, my gosh, Oberon was hilarious in this book and we all laughed out loud. Luke Daniels does such a great job with the narration. My only complaint was the switching of the narration to Granuaile off and on. We all agreed that her parts were boring. Love her as a character, but leave the story telling to Atticus, please.

I’ve read every single one of these books, and will read every single one Kevin writes. I love the concept, characters, adventures and the narration. It’s light reading, and is always enjoyable. Slainté.

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