Week 37: The Book Thief

♥♥♥.5 Here’s a book I’ve wanted to read for a long time because of its great ratings. I attempted it awhile ago, but abandoned it for something else very early into it. This is a stupid reason, but I think that the music in the very beginning totally threw me off. This was an audible book and I don’t know, it was cheesy. I found plenty of things to read, ran across another review of this book, found out it’s being made into a movie and decided to go for it.

I’m glad I did. It turned out, after a slow beginning, to be really good. I like the idea of “death” as a narrator and I like the little barbs of humor he, as a narrator/character, throws in the direction of we humans. The story did pick up steam and I have to admit that I was totally pulled in. It might deserve more hearts, but damn if my audio version didn’t end with the same cheesy music which made it a little distracting to hear the last few lines of the book. Booo cheeseball music! The words, the story and the emotions I felt did not need that soundtrack. Books are music on their own.

Read or listen to this book though, it was a good story from an interesting perspective.

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