This is “Wild” – Book Finds Half Sister

This, is wild!

So, did you read the book? If so, you know that the author, Cheryl Strayed, changed her name after the death of her mother. It’s an autobiographical journey that takes her on an epic hike through life, and along the Pacific Coast Trail in search of, well, herself. It’s a really great read that was very difficult for me to read at times because of her choices and the things that drove her to those choices. We learn a lot about her life in the book, and about her family.

Funnily enough, she wrote the book so well that a woman who was reading it in bed one night after having checked it out of the library sat straight up in bed and realized the father in the book was, in fact, her father as well. Names were not mentioned and since the author had changed her name, she had no idea that they could possibly be related. Imagine, descriptions of your father so perfect in character that you’d recognize him anywhere. Well done, Cheryl! Meet your half-sister. Read the NPR story here.


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