Week 36: In The Woods

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ I like this Dublin Murder Series by Tana French. They aren’t really consecutive or have the same characters, but I like the stories. I think more than anything it’s because they remind me of the BBC series called Murphey’s Law. (Go rent the series… it’s worth a watch). I say that because the Brits seem to have a handle on “real.” Things aren’t tied up with pretty bows and happy endings every danged time. Life is not either; it is complicated. People aren’t all beautiful, they’re real and life gets icky occasionally. That’s what keeps me reading these books. The narrators have been great too which adds tons to my enjoyment. The Irish accent in my head is pretty good, but my British one isn’t. It’s fun to hear them done well, and out loud.

I think this one is worth a read, especially if you like raw, real and characters who aren’t necessarily perfect, except for their teeth… I do like Hollywood teeth.

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