Week 31: The Potato Factory

♥ ♥ ♥ ++ So, it’s practically a 4 heart book. It’s a full 23 hours of audible delight. The narration is absolutely fantastic! This is the story of Ikey Solomon, the notorious “Prince of Fences” in London whose life story (and those of his family, both legit and illegit) eventually leads the reader to the penal colonies down under. It’s a fascinating epic novel that is pungently graphic, violent and touching. Life is brutal and hard for the characters and Courtenay spares the reader nothing. We are dragged through the hard realities, violence and heartache of the lives of the full gamut of characters in his book. It wasn’t until I was finished and reading reviews that I realized it’s a trilogy; Courtenay’s gift to Australia. I will read the next one eventually, but not right away. Definitely worth a read, or a listen.

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