Week 26: The Care and Feeding of Stray Vampires

♥ ♥ ♥ How did I end up here? Vampires? Really? What has become of my literary standards? I’ve been sucked (pun alert) into the fan club of the author, Molly Harper, that’s what. The humor and attitude with which she writes flies effusively out of  her silly stories and keeps me giggling and grinning as I drive down the road. I’ve never thought of myself as snarky, witty, yes. She’s both and I love it. She’s a writer, a story teller and though I think her characters are fun and the story lines light, it is she that keeps me coming back. Her writing style, and sense of humor that pull me in and make me want to know her. It’s my first writer crush, I guess. I wanna drink margaritas with this woman! I totally enjoy these books and find her characters to be believable and likable (well the human ones anyway). The vampires in her books are not much different from the living, so I guess I like them too. Give her a try and I bet she’ll give you a smile in return.

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