Stats Say Blogs Drive Traffic!

Bad Traffic

At Word Camp Austin the other day, I heard that blogs can increase traffic to websites for businesses up to 65%. Are you kidding me? I thought that we bloggers were just a subculture of people who like to hear ourselves write. I enjoy reading my fellow bloggers’ posts. I LOVE it when another blogger likes one of my posts and tend to click their link and read something of theirs. We’re just cool that way, and talented too!

65% has been bouncing around in my head this week because, well, it’s impressive. Today, I’ve been back and forth with a Realtor friend, Eileen Gill, about finding the time to go to lunch. I clicked a link from her Facebook Business Page and found her company’s blog. Curious,  I dove in. Admittedly, this crew of agents are highly educated and uber cool with life experiences that span the globe and weave in and out of the music industry, my type of Realtors. Just saying that I should not have been surprised at the quality of the blog, but here I am, writing away.


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