Inspiration… I Need a Nudge, Please.

KIYOSHI MINO, Artist (felted animals)

Strange and wacky, often filled with nonsense, the internet sometimes produces a gem. Sometimes. This morning, up and at ’em early, (shocker) I started on Twitter. This led me to a story by Jordan Kushins about a veteran who makes felted animals. What? That sounds lame, sorry, they’re not just animals, they’re works of art. After the really cool story, I read her byline which led me to follow her on Twitter (@kushkush) and then start reading her tweets. I know, I fell down one of the bajillion rabbit holes that is Twitter, but it was an adventure worth taking!

I found an awesome post on Ploughshares Literary Magazine site titled, “For Those About To Write (We Salute You) #2 Prompts.” It’s like having your favorite English teacher (You know who you are, Mr. Thigpen!) sitting on your shoulder. Nerdy, nerdy, nerdy, I know, but I’m really thrilled to find this. I’m almost giddy, in fact. Why? Because I need a nudge today. There are many days on which I need a wee shove. I’m reading 52 books this year because I needed a personal challenge to do something I love doing. I love writing too. Push me. Nudge me. Inertia is a wonderful thing.

Where do you find your writing prompts, nudges and inspiration?



  1. duane pool

    Dear Sarah,
    What a wonderful article! That is an amazing story! Someone who has synthesized their life experiences leading them to lead a more happy, peaceful life, farming and seeking to benefit others through artistic pursuit! This artist’s rendition of indigenous animals really are simply beautiful craftsmanship! The author’s statement “I came to realize that most of what is called ‘aid’ or ‘development’ is really just an excuse to use taxpayer money to make a bunch of U.S.-based companies rich; very little of the money reaches actual Afghans.” Then, seeing how the author took the ball into his own hands, bypassing bureaucracy, and he sought to help Afghans directly, is truly an inspirational story! It was wonderful to see how “Mino took the whole thing to heart. I increasingly felt that instead of trying to help these Pashtun tribesmen in the mountains of Afghanistan to live more like us Americans, we should be learning to live a bit more like them: cutting out the extraneous stuff and living simply while valuing our families and communities, he says. So I decided along with my wife Emma that we would be happier giving up the rat race and becoming farmers instead.” I think we can all take a page from his story, and perhaps seek to lead slightly humbler lives. My motto: Require less, be happier! But, even I need a reminder to follow my own motto, and this story was a great reminder! 🙂 I can see why you didn’t need too much of a “nudge” to pass this along! Great creative share! Keep on “nudging!” Thank you, so much! 🙂 Metta, Duane

    • adverbcreative

      Duane, Thanks for the thoughtful response! I loved the article as well and how the artist is taking what he learned and living his life with his new-found values! I also enjoyed the journey it took me on around the net and back again. I’m so glad you enjoyed, and took the time to talk about it!

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