Beware the Bird!

Bad Tweets!

I’m starting to wonder about my fellow Tweetsters. Or maybe the Twittersphere clearly represents the intelligence of the general population? Either way, giving your boss (or your job) the virtual bird on Twitter takes the stupid cake. There are some smart folks on Twitter too, by the way. They’re the people who are behind the new “Fire Me” app that tracks people who Tweet hateful things about their jobs and bosses. You should check to be sure that you’re not on the “Leaderboard” of people who have poorly chosen and/or incriminating, Tweets. The app evidently breaks tweets into categories, “Haters,” “Horrible Bosses,” “Sexual Intercourses,” and “Potential Killers.” Read the whole Huff Post article here. I enjoyed the slide show, and the genius who Tweeted about robbing a McD’s and got busted. Bawhahahaha. Let’s Tweet About it! @adverbcreative.

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