Pig Latin is My Second Language

Igpay Atinlay

I am fluent in Pig Latin. I can speak to my friends, my kids and even in Pig Latin-Spanish. I am quite proud of that. I would argue that it is definitely a “language”, however, Grammar Girl claims that it is a “code.” According to her article, “Is Pig Latin a Real Language?” it satisfies most all of the language requirements, but it doesn’t have it’s own syntax, sounds or semantics. It borrows from English, or Spanish or whichever language you’re speaking Pig Latin in. After reading this, I can’t stop thinking in Pig Latin!

Do you speak Pig Latin? Ifyay ouyay oday, enthay eray-ondspay! Oodgay ayday.



  1. snosler

    My grandmother taught me pig Latin – My kids cannot speak it so it’s kinda funny to throw something out every now and then. You have a good day too 🙂

  2. As The Child Hears

    I think Pig Latin is a code as well. This brings back the whole “ASL as a foreign language” debate where “language” had to have its own grammar, syntax, etc. Sign language alone is “code”, but “ASL” is language. This article made me smile, because I sign “Pig Sign” (mixture of ASL and English sign). I do good to just pronounce English correctly, so I haven’t really tried Pig Latin, but I had friends who thought it was hilarious to make me lipread their own form of Pig Latin. 🙂 My kids would probably take this and run with it much like I do with the sign language version of it. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this! 🙂

    • adverbcreative

      I never thought of Pig Latin in terms of sign language. Hmmmm. Would you have to spell out the words, but in pig Latin, or would there be a way to sign them backward? It sounds like you have your own version figured out. Thanks for bringing that up. Your kids would definitely like it.

      • As The Child Hears

        There is actually a form of signing called “pigsign” which is in a way similar to pig latin in that it mixes ASL and English signs. So it’s like mixing a language and a code, much like Pig Latin is. It’s not a way to put Pig Latin into sign language…I think that would be more complicated than it’s worth! 🙂 I was just commenting on how similar the concept was. 🙂 One of these days I’ll have absolutely nothing to do and I will most likely find myself attempting to speak Pig Latin vocally!! LOL

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