Verbs Should Be Vivacious

Verbs make sentences. They make them very rich, exciting, engaging, captivating, interesting or they bore us to tears. “Why have a character go when he could gambol, shamble, lumber, lurch, sway, swagger or sashay?” says Constance Hale in her New York Times article called “Make-or-Break Verbs.”

Indeed, why? Obvious, isn’t it? Just reading her question conjures more emotion and action than your average question. What great verbs! In your opinion, do verbs deserve this high praise?



  1. loly12313

    This is great! I’ve had most of my education in English, except of the first few grades when I was in a bilingual class, but English wasn’t my first language so I’ve always struggled to understand and remember the rules. This author makes verbs sound so much fun. I think verbs definitely deserve praise.

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