You’re Not Too Busy to Blog

Juggling it All

Burning the candle at both ends while juggling kids, school, work, play, laundry and dinner leaves nary a  minute, let alone 15 to write. How do you find the time and inclination to put your head down and tap those keys? Thank you Debra Johnson at for these 8 Essential Habits for Effective Writing. 

Are there any you would add? How do you make sure you get it done?



  1. Linda Glosson

    Thank you for sharing a useful article that covers both ends of the problem–finding time to write and wasting writing time by losing yourself in the social media web. It’s all about knowing what is really important and prioritizing!!!

  2. rrobins3

    Compromise. My wife dropped out of Facebook because of the time she wasted on it. I have a Facebook page but do nothing with it. She now “ghosts” my page, mostly to keep in touch with family and mutual friends. I get to keep in touch without maintaining my account, and she keeps things current while devoting less time.

  3. paulgroteacc

    I find that if I can just make myself sit down and concentrate for 30 minutes, I can get my work done. I’ll set a timer, and let myself walk away when time is up. Usually I get “in the zone” and don’t want to stop. Other times I can at least stop and feel good about putting forth a concentrated effort.

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