Before You Tweet…


Remember that what you’re posting is public… pretty much. You put those #hashtags there so people can find what you’ve said. Please, don’t blame spell check! I’m not buying, but I’m enjoying your folly. Mightily.

Thank you Buzzfeed for The Top 10 Most Unforgivable Twitter Spelling Mistakes. #epicfail





  1. duanepool

    I have to say, I giggled a little….and then I felt a little nauseous (jeez, did I spell that right?), as I pulled up the article, while I said a little impromptu (ugghhhhh, did I spell that right?) prayer, that it wasn’t one of my tweets, totally complete with all kinds of horrific glaring errors, being listed in this article for all the world to see! Whew!!!!! Total exhale! I guess that I got lucky this time around!! I am pretty sure that I have a few Tweets that are of “worthy mention” for this list. Ha! Have to admit, the list very pretty funny! I liked the “genious” one!!! Hee! Hee! Hee! I will admit having to delete more than a few Tweets for their “in your face” errors!!! Really not hard to do at all, right? Tweeters, beware!!! Thanks for the giggle! Happy (but, always grammatically correct) Tweeting to all!!!! 🙂 Metta

    • adverbcreative

      Duane, I’ve no doubt that I make errors all the time too. I prefer to think that I don’t. One of these days, I’ll take one right in the kisser when I see myself in one of these articles that make fun. At least I will see the humor in my demise!
      Thanks for reading!

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